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    我們的服務Our service

    ★質量保證Quality assurance


    All kinds of diesel generator sets provided by our company can be guaranteed for 12 months or 1000 hours (whichever comes first). Our company is responsible for contacting and repairing all the faults caused by the manufacturing defects of the generating set. The damage caused by careless maintenance is not within the scope of this quality guarantee.

    ★售前服務Pre-sale service


    Free load capacity analysis, type selection, technical consultation, assistance to the user room layout, equipment installation planning.

    ★售中服務Sale service


    In order to enable the customer to correctly master the operation, use and maintenance of various types of generators, our company specially provides on-site training courses for users free of charge or accepts training courses for different types of generators in our company.

    ★售後服務After-sales service


    Our company attaches great importance to after-sales service, establishing computer archiving, tracking service, regular service and regular inspection. Maintenance center has quick response management system, the user notice response within 1 hours, telephone guidance, troubleshooting, if still not solve, will be arranged by company after-sales service department recently pits maintenance, service personnel to the user in the first field maintenance services and technical guidance. We will strictly follow the principle of seeking truth from facts when we complain about customers' quality problems. We will assign special personnel to take charge of the complaints and give satisfactory answers to customers in the shortest time.